Monthly Archives: September 2014

Family Photo Day

Photo day is underway! As mentioned previously, this year we are also offering you the opportunity to have family photographs taken. These can be children with friends, brothers and sisters, or the whole family; school uniforms, ‘best’ outfits or fancy dress! The choice is yours… The photos will be available in a variety of formats at reasonable prices – perfect for Christmas presents! The photographer will be visiting school on the morning of Saturday 8th November and photographs will be delivered by the end of the Autumn Term.

Year Group Meetings

As you may be aware, a new National Curriculum has been introduced this September, with amended SAT tests commencing in 2016. We began working, in the summer term, on reviewing and redesigning our academy curriculum in light of these changes.  This process will continue throughout the year.

Within the new National Curriculum there are significant changes to the content of the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar section of the English curriculum, and the calculation methods to be taught in maths. The government have also removed the ‘levels’ associated with the curriculum (eg. 3A) and tasked schools with designing their own systems.

We would therefore like to invite you to a meeting where we will be able to outline some of the changes, answer any questions you may have and briefly outline how we would like parents to be involved in our curriculum design process moving forward.  We will also be able to provide details of this year’s residential opportunity.

Given all of that, tea, coffee and biscuits will be available!

The meeting dates for each year group are outlined below.

Year 3 – Thursday 9th October – 6:30pm

Year 4 – Wednesday 15th October – 6:30pm

Year 5 – Tuesday 7th October – 6:30pm

Year 6 – Wednesday 8th October – 6:30pm

I hope you are able to join us.

Class Assemblies

Class assemblies proved very popular last year, with all classes getting great support from parents, grand-parents and other family members. The assemblies are a brief opportunity for the children to share the work they have been doing during the term.  A list of this term’s class assembly dates are shown below (The children will bring home an invitation nearer the time).  All assemblies begin as soon as the children are in and registered at the start of the day.  Please come through the front entrance if you are able to join us.

Tues 7th Oct                       Barracudas – Miss Reed

Thurs 9th Oct                     Sharks – Miss Gibson

Tues 14th Oct                    Swordfish – Mrs Abbott

Tues 21st Oct                     Jellyfish – Miss Treadgold

Thurs 23rd Oct                   Sea Lions – Miss Thain

Tues 11th Nov                   Sea Horses – Miss Blanchard

Thurs 13th Nov                 Turtles – Mrs Barrett

Tues 25th Nov                   Starfish – Mrs Chapman/Mrs Hollamby

Thurs 27th Nov                 Manta Rays – Mr Funnell

Tues 2nd Dec                     Lobsters – Miss Farr

Thurs 4th Dec                    Seals – Miss Thompson

Tues 9th Dec                      Dolphins – Mr Scott

I realise that, for childcare reasons, it is sometimes necessary for younger siblings to come to the assemblies. Could I ask that, to avoid disrupting the assembly, if they become unsettled they are taken into one of the wings / corridors.

Fencing Works

From Monday, installation of the new fencing will begin. This will make the school site more secure, reducing the incidences of trespass and vandalism, and will also help to keep footballs on the pitch rather than in gardens or on the road! Work will start at the Reception corner of the site then continue around the perimeter, and is scheduled to take 2 – 3 weeks. During this time, there will be vehicles and equipment on and near the school. Please take particular care when contractors are working near the entrances and car park. Although we will endeavour to keep school gates accessible during drop-off and pick-up times, there may be some disruption as these are replaced. We will keep you updated.

Jeans for Genes – Fri 19th Sept

Signhills Academy will be joining the infants in supporting this year’s Jeans for Genes day on Friday 19th September. (Sorry for the short notice)

All children and staff are invited to wear their jeans to help Jeans for Genes day reach it’s target of £2million and help raise awareness. Children should still wear their school t-shirt and sweatshirt/cardigan, and bring a small donation (recommended £1).

If you’d like to find out more about how our support will help the cause, please visit their website on