Daily Archives: September 22, 2014

Class Assemblies

Class assemblies proved very popular last year, with all classes getting great support from parents, grand-parents and other family members. The assemblies are a brief opportunity for the children to share the work they have been doing during the term.  A list of this term’s class assembly dates are shown below (The children will bring home an invitation nearer the time).  All assemblies begin as soon as the children are in and registered at the start of the day.  Please come through the front entrance if you are able to join us.

Tues 7th Oct                       Barracudas – Miss Reed

Thurs 9th Oct                     Sharks – Miss Gibson

Tues 14th Oct                    Swordfish – Mrs Abbott

Tues 21st Oct                     Jellyfish – Miss Treadgold

Thurs 23rd Oct                   Sea Lions – Miss Thain

Tues 11th Nov                   Sea Horses – Miss Blanchard

Thurs 13th Nov                 Turtles – Mrs Barrett

Tues 25th Nov                   Starfish – Mrs Chapman/Mrs Hollamby

Thurs 27th Nov                 Manta Rays – Mr Funnell

Tues 2nd Dec                     Lobsters – Miss Farr

Thurs 4th Dec                    Seals – Miss Thompson

Tues 9th Dec                      Dolphins – Mr Scott

I realise that, for childcare reasons, it is sometimes necessary for younger siblings to come to the assemblies. Could I ask that, to avoid disrupting the assembly, if they become unsettled they are taken into one of the wings / corridors.