Daily Archives: September 24, 2014

Year Group Meetings

As you may be aware, a new National Curriculum has been introduced this September, with amended SAT tests commencing in 2016. We began working, in the summer term, on reviewing and redesigning our academy curriculum in light of these changes.  This process will continue throughout the year.

Within the new National Curriculum there are significant changes to the content of the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar section of the English curriculum, and the calculation methods to be taught in maths. The government have also removed the ‘levels’ associated with the curriculum (eg. 3A) and tasked schools with designing their own systems.

We would therefore like to invite you to a meeting where we will be able to outline some of the changes, answer any questions you may have and briefly outline how we would like parents to be involved in our curriculum design process moving forward.  We will also be able to provide details of this year’s residential opportunity.

Given all of that, tea, coffee and biscuits will be available!

The meeting dates for each year group are outlined below.

Year 3 – Thursday 9th October – 6:30pm

Year 4 – Wednesday 15th October – 6:30pm

Year 5 – Tuesday 7th October – 6:30pm

Year 6 – Wednesday 8th October – 6:30pm

I hope you are able to join us.