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Breakfast Club – Opens Monday 3rd November

Venue                New Hall (enter via Main Office door)

Open to             Signhills Academy pupils (years 3 – 6)

Time                   from 8:00am

Cost                     £1 (payable on the day)

Booking             No booking required

Providing           Toast & indoor, quiet activities

The café will no longer operate in the morning, but will continue to be open to parents / carers and children (who must be accompanied by an adult) after school.

Christmas at the Infants!!

We have now set dates for some of our Christmas events. These will be published on the Signpost after half term.


Friday 28th               final Celebration Assembly of the year


Monday 1st              Christingle (pupils only)

Friday 5th                  Year One Christmas Assembly, 9.10am. Parents of children in Year One are invited to join us for a special Christmas assembly led by the children.

Tuesday 9th              Blue Class Christmas Nativity, 9.30am. Parents of children in Blue class are invited to watch our Nativity.

Wednesday 10th     Red Class Christmas Nativity, 9.30am. Parents of children in Red class are invited to watch our Nativity.

Thursday 11th         Yellow Class Christmas Nativity, 9.30am. Parents of children in Yellow class are invited to watch our Nativity.

Friday 12th               Christmas Jumper Day!

Year Two Christmas Assembly, 9.10am. Parents of children in Year Two are invited to join us for a special Christmas assembly led by the children.

Signhills Christmas Fair from 2.30pm in the Infant and Junior halls.

Dates for further Christmas activities will be set after half term.


Dear Parents

Thank you to everyone who attended our Harvest Assembly this morning. It was a bit of a squeeze getting everyone in, but the children really appreciate your support. Thanks too for all the donations of food, which will be donated to CARE.

On Wednesday children in Reception enjoyed showing their parents what they are learning this term. Unfortunately the weather prevented the Bear Hunt in the outdoor area, but there were plenty of activities to keep everyone busy indoors.

A reminder that next week we will be holding our Parent Consultation meetings in the hall. There are still a few appointment slots available if you haven’t yet made one and would like to do so. Time is always rather limited at these events, so if you require a longer discussion with your child’s teacher please ask for a further meeting. I will be available to speak to parents, as will Mrs Whitham (our Deputy Head and SENCO) and Mrs Barrett (our Learning Mentor).

Mrs Moiser is unfortunately unwell at the moment. Mrs Keyworth and Mrs Funnell will teach Pink class when possible, however there may be occasions when a supply teacher covers the class.

An exciting day is planned for Friday! Children may come to school in non-uniform/fancy dress/disco clothes, but please ensure your child has appropriate footwear and warm coat for playtimes. We are asking for a donation of chocolate (for the Christmas tombola) to be brought to school on Friday morning. Children in Reception will finish at the usual hometime, and children in Years One and Two should be collected from the Junior hall (the playground door between the two halls) at 4.15pm. Please let the school office know if you do not want your child to go to the disco.

Whilst we are on our half term break, the toilets in Year Two will be refurbished. I know children are looking forward to having lovely new facilities. We are also having Yellow and Blue classrooms redecorated.

Have a lovely half term break.

Allie Majer

Changes to Homework

Dear parents and carers,

As part of our ongoing school improvement work, we are reviewing the way in which we use homework. It is our belief that the most effective use of homework is where it supports the development of a positive attitude to self-directed study and the re-enforcement of key skills.  As a result we are proposing the following;

An expectation that all children read for 10 – 20 mins each day. This doesn’t always need to be a school book – magazines, comics etc. all play their part in developing reading. We will provide examples of questions and discussion points which can be used to deepen children’s wider reading skills, beyond simply decoding.

  • An expectation that all children practice their times tables for 5 – 10 mins each day. There will be opportunities for the children to demonstrate, and be rewarded for, their knowledge in school.
  • An expectation that children complete a self-directed study project, linked to the term’s topic. Suggestions for written, practical and investigative activities will be shared at the start of each half-term. The children will then be able to complete one or more of the tasks, and/or additional work of their own design, throughout the term. These will be show-cased and celebrated in school.

In addition to this there will be optional opportunities for children to strengthen their home-learning routine. The list of Active Reading tasks, completed by the children on completion of a book will be shared with you.  These can be completed for any book/magazine etc. that the children may be reading at home.  These will then count towards their in-school rewards.

Maths Challenge Cards will be available in all classes. The children will be able to take these home whenever they wish.  Completion of Challenge Cards will be linked to the school’s reward system.

As is the case currently, any additional activities children choose to complete in their own time, such as holiday journals, will be shared and celebrated in school.

It is hoped that by moving to this model we can reduce any negative impact on family life caused by homework and help the children to value and enjoy self-directed study. If you have any specific comments or questions around the proposal please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mr S Carr


NELC Special Needs Event – ‘Support Your Child’

An NELC event for parents and carers of children that have

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

 Thursday 20th November 2014

 Humber Royal Hotel, Littlecoates Road, DN34 4LX

 Unsure of all the changes that are happening?

Come along to this FREE information and advice day for Parents/Carers

 An opportunity for you to see and ask questions about the range of services and support available for children and young people.

 There will be a ‘market place’ where service providers will show what they can offer. There will be a choice of information sessions for you to sign up to on the day.

 Free refreshments throughout with a buffet lunch between 12 and 1.30 p.m.

Parent Council Update

The meeting will now take place in the Infant hall, not the Juniors, and topics for discussion will also include;

Family Learning – what types of activities would you like to do with your child in school?

Family days – Where would you like to go during the school holidays? Would you like any of these days out to take part at weekends?

Ideas for holiday activities – we have lots of activities during the holidays. Do you have ideas of new activities your children would like to try?

Parent Council

Tracey Gunay will be hosting our second Parent Council on Thursday, 16th October in the hall.  At the request of a number of working parents, this session will be held from 6.30pm – 7.30pm to allow as many parents as possible to participate.  Tracey is employed by the Infant and Junior academies to support our ‘extended schools’ programme. Following on from the infants’ very successful information sessions for parents around phonics and reading at home, the discussion for the meeting will be around other training or information sessions you might find useful.  We hope you will be able to attend.

Home School Association – Hallowe’en Disco

As you know, we frequently ask children to contribute ideas and suggestions for fundraisers, activities and events in school. Therefore, by popular demand, we have arranged a Hallowe’en disco on Friday 24th October (the last day of this half term).

The disco will take place in the new hall, and will be split into sessions according to year groups. In this way we will be able to accommodate all the children over the course of the afternoon/evening.

Timings will be:

Reception              2.30pm – 3.15pm

Years 1 and 2         3.30pm – 4.15pm

Years 3 and 4         4.30pm – 5.15pm

Years 5 and 6         5.30pm – 6.15pm

Children in Reception will be accompanied by school staff and will return to school for the end of the day. Children in Years 1 and 2 will be taken to the disco by school staff and should be collected by parents from the Junior hall (please use the Junior playground door between the old and new halls).

If you do not want your child to go to the disco, please inform the school office.

Junior school children should arrive and leave via the junior playground door between the old and new halls. Please do not bring / send them before their allotted time.

There will be no charge for the disco, as the HSA will meet costs. However, on the day of the disco children are invited to come into school in their own clothes or fancy dress and bring a donation of chocolate! All the donated chocolate will be saved for the chocolate tombola at the Christmas Fair, so please make sure the ‘best before’ date is later than December.

Individual Photos

The individual photos will be going out today, please can we ask that if you wish to purchase one they must be returned to school by Friday 10th October. Anything sent in after this date will incur a charge from the photographers.