Changes to Homework

Dear parents and carers,

As part of our ongoing school improvement work, we are reviewing the way in which we use homework. It is our belief that the most effective use of homework is where it supports the development of a positive attitude to self-directed study and the re-enforcement of key skills.  As a result we are proposing the following;

An expectation that all children read for 10 – 20 mins each day. This doesn’t always need to be a school book – magazines, comics etc. all play their part in developing reading. We will provide examples of questions and discussion points which can be used to deepen children’s wider reading skills, beyond simply decoding.

  • An expectation that all children practice their times tables for 5 – 10 mins each day. There will be opportunities for the children to demonstrate, and be rewarded for, their knowledge in school.
  • An expectation that children complete a self-directed study project, linked to the term’s topic. Suggestions for written, practical and investigative activities will be shared at the start of each half-term. The children will then be able to complete one or more of the tasks, and/or additional work of their own design, throughout the term. These will be show-cased and celebrated in school.

In addition to this there will be optional opportunities for children to strengthen their home-learning routine. The list of Active Reading tasks, completed by the children on completion of a book will be shared with you.  These can be completed for any book/magazine etc. that the children may be reading at home.  These will then count towards their in-school rewards.

Maths Challenge Cards will be available in all classes. The children will be able to take these home whenever they wish.  Completion of Challenge Cards will be linked to the school’s reward system.

As is the case currently, any additional activities children choose to complete in their own time, such as holiday journals, will be shared and celebrated in school.

It is hoped that by moving to this model we can reduce any negative impact on family life caused by homework and help the children to value and enjoy self-directed study. If you have any specific comments or questions around the proposal please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mr S Carr