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Christmas Fair 2014

The Christmas Fair will start at 2.30pm on Friday 12th December. This year we are trying to ease congestion and therefore we will be having the same stalls in both the Infant and Junior halls.  All the usual games can be found at either school, as will our special visitor in a red suit!  Cakes and tea will be served in the Year 6 wing, and the raffle will be drawn in the Old hall at 4pm.

Raffle tickets can be purchased from the office during the week commencing Monday 8th December or from the school hall during the fair.  Tickets cost £1 a strip.

Children may bring a small amount of money to spend.  Charges for activities range from 10p to £1.

If you wish to, please make arrangements with your child as to where you want to meet them, e.g. New Hall/Old Hall. Children will not be able to leave before the end of the school day unless accompanied by an adult.

Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair – Friday 12th December 2.30 p.m.  

Lucky Bag stall – Could you help donate goodies to put in our ‘lucky bags’? Little treats such as sweets, crayons, homemade cookies, hair clips, marbles etc. (in fact anything that appeals to children and fits in our bags!) can be put in the white paper bags which will be sent home with your child this week. Please could you decorate/colour your bag to make it look nice, then bring them into school as soon as possible.

Water to Wine – We need wine bottle bags, empty (screw top) wine bottles and full wine bottles for our ‘Water to Wine’ stall. If you have any empty wine bottles, please could you deliver them to the school office – please do not send them in with your child.

Cake stall – Please send in any donations of cakes (homemade or bought) to the school office on the morning of the Christmas Fair (Friday 12th December).

Year 3 Christmas Performance

Xmas tree picture, blog

Year 3 will be performing ‘The Stars come out for Christmas’ on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 10th December   2pm – Performance for parents/family
  • Thursday 11th December 9.30am and 6.30pm – Performance for parents/family

We would appreciate it if you would indicate how many people are attending and on which day, so that we can allocate tickets. If pupil post has been successful, you should have a letter with a return slip today.

Puzzle Day

puzzle day

The Happy Puzzle Company is coming to Signhills. On Wednesday 26th November and Thursday 27th November the children will take part in a 90 minute workshop where they will be able to solve puzzles as part of a group.

There will also be the opportunity for parents to visit the Happy Puzzle Company shop at the end of school, on both days, where the games and puzzles will be on sale.

In addition we are also offering a ‘Parents and Family Programme’ after school. Here the children will be able to demonstrate what they have learnt during the day, whilst adding new challenges for the whole family to solve together. It’s a thoroughly valuable and fun activity which also gives parents an insight into understanding how their children think and learn.

If you would like to attend the family session after school on Wednesday 26th November please call the office as soon as possible as places are limited. The workshop will start at 4pm and finish at 5:30pm. Refreshments will be available for parents and children before the session in the Broadway Café.

Anti-Bullying Week

You may be aware that the week commencing Monday 17th November is the national Anti-Bullying Week. At Signhills Academy we will spend the week reinforcing this anti-bullying theme and encouraging the children to discuss bullying issues and how to deal with them.

Our key aims of the week will be to ensure our children are equipped to recognise and challenge bullying behaviour wherever it happens – whether face to face or in cyberspace. Assemblies during the week will focus on anti-bullying and work will be undertaken throughout the week during lessons.

We hope that these activities and events will help to raise awareness of bullying and at the same time encourage a respect for the uniqueness of individuals. In this manner we hope to ensure that the differences and similarities between us are valued and celebrated.

Diary Dates

More details will be shared nearer each event

5th – 10th November        3.30pm – 4.00pm             Book Fair (Broadway Café)

17th November                  6.00pm                           e-Safety Training for Parents

20th November                  10.00am – 3.00pm         NELC Special Needs Event (Humber Royal Hotel)

6th December                     10.00am – 11.00am      Choir Club singing in Freshney Place

9th December                     9.30am – 10.30am          Year 6 singing carols at Parkway Cinema

10th December                  2.00pm                             Year 3 Christmas Concert

11th December                  9.30am & 6.30pm             Year 3 Christmas Concert

12th December                                                           Christmas Jumper Day

12th December                                                           Christmas Dinner

12th December                  2.30pm                             HSA Christmas Fair

15th December                  3.35pm                             Christmas Film Show

19th December                  am                                    Whole school visit to Parkway Cinema

19th December                  pm                                     Toy Afternoon

19th December                  3.35pm                               School closes for Christmas

6th January                                                                   School opens to pupils


We are, as usual, selling poppies in school for the Poppy Appeal. Children may bring a donation into school (minimum 20p please) for this worthy charity.  Due to numbers, children will only be able to buy one poppy each.

e-Safety Training

As part of our e-Safety provision, we have arranged for a day of training, led by Alan McKenzie of ‘e-safety adviser’.   The day will comprise of training for staff, pupils, parents and governors.  We would therefore like to invite you to a training session on Monday 17th November at 6.00pm (Junior Hall).  The session will cover ‘awareness of the child protection risks related to e-safety, tailored to a home environment. This is a 60-minute session for parents and guardians into e-safety issues and risks to children whilst using digital technology. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask for advice and guidance about any related issues.’