Puzzle Day

puzzle day

The Happy Puzzle Company is coming to Signhills. On Wednesday 26th November and Thursday 27th November the children will take part in a 90 minute workshop where they will be able to solve puzzles as part of a group.

There will also be the opportunity for parents to visit the Happy Puzzle Company shop at the end of school, on both days, where the games and puzzles will be on sale.

In addition we are also offering a ‘Parents and Family Programme’ after school. Here the children will be able to demonstrate what they have learnt during the day, whilst adding new challenges for the whole family to solve together. It’s a thoroughly valuable and fun activity which also gives parents an insight into understanding how their children think and learn.

If you would like to attend the family session after school on Wednesday 26th November please call the office as soon as possible as places are limited. The workshop will start at 4pm and finish at 5:30pm. Refreshments will be available for parents and children before the session in the Broadway Café.