Daily Archives: December 8, 2014

December Update

Dear parents and carers,

With ‘Operation Christmas’ in full-swing, here are some updates and notices;

Dairy Dates

9th December                     9.30am – 10.30am         Year 6 singing carols at Parkway Cinema

10th December                  2.00pm                             Year 3 Christmas Concert

10th December                  2.30pm – 3.30pm            Year 6 Carols at Spar

11th December                  9.30am & 6.30pm             Year 3 Christmas Concert

12th December                                                            Christmas Jumper Day

12th December                                                            Christmas Dinner

12th December                  2.30pm                              HSA Christmas Fair

15th December                  3.35pm                              Christmas Film Show

19th December                  am                                     Whole school visit to Parkway Cinema

19th December                  pm                                      Toy Afternoon

19th December                  3.35pm                               School closes for Christmas

6th January 2015                                                         School opens to pupils

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair will start at 2.30pm on Friday 12th December. This year we are trying to ease congestion and therefore we will be having the same stalls in both the Infant and Junior halls.  All the usual games can be found at either school, as will our special visitor in a red suit!  Cakes and tea will be served in the Year 6 wing, and the raffle will be drawn in the Old hall at 4pm.

Raffle tickets can be purchased from the office during the week commencing Monday 8th December or from the school hall during the fair.  Tickets cost £1 a strip.

Children may bring a small amount of money to spend.  Charges for activities range from 10p to £1.

If you wish to, please make arrangements with your child as to where you want to meet them, e.g. New Hall/Old Hall. Children will not be able to leave before the end of the school day unless accompanied by an adult.

Cross Country Championships

Humberside Athletics Association are holding their 40th Annual Humberside Cross Country Championships on Sunday 4th January 2015.

We will not be entering as a team due to it being out of term-time, however if you wish for your child to participate in this event, or require more information, please pick up a letter and entry form from the school office. Entries must be in to Humberside A.A. by Monday 29th December, at the very latest.

After-school Clubs

Please find below a list of finishing dates for each After-School Club for the Autumn Term;

Guitar Club – 8th December

Fencing – 8th December

Arts & Crafts – 8th December

Dodgeball – 8th December

Kayaking – 15th December

Cheerleading – 9th December

Skipping Club – Finished (will not be continuing after Christmas)

Speech Choir – 9th December

Create & Stitch – 10th December

GTFC Football (Yrs. 3&4) – 10th December

Ballet (am) – 10th December

Choir – 17th December (No choir 10th December)

Martial Arts – 11th December

Multi Skills (am) – 11th December

Dance Club – Finished

Samba Drumming – 5th December

GTFC Football (Yrs. 5&6) – 12th December

If your child wishes to join any of the above clubs after Christmas, please phone / pop into the office / send your child for a letter.

Shoebox Appeal

We would like to thank all of our pupils and parents for all of your hard work and efforts with this year’s Shoebox Appeal. We managed to collect and donate a brilliant 133 boxes!


As you may well have seen, there have been concerns raised via the Telegraph regarding parking outside the school. Can I reiterate that, whilst we understand the difficulties and frustrations with parking at the start and end of the day, we ask all parents to be careful and courteous when on the school-run.  Please ensure that whoever drops off / collects your child respects the parking restrictions that are in place, and the two crossing patrols who are there to help children arrive and leave safely.

Water Bottles

The water fountains around school are coming to the end of their working lives. In discussion with the children (and staff) we are not going to replace them. Instead, all pupils will be provided with an academy drink bottle, early in the new year.


The latest newsletter from Alan MacKenzie is available via the academy website, Signhills News, or the office.

As part of our work to strengthen e-safety provision, we are intending to form an e-Safety Group, comprising of pupils, parents, staff and governors. The group will meet termly to review and develop all areas of e-Safety. If you may be interested in joining the group as a parental representative, please contact me.

Dinner Money

For the next half-term, dinner money will cost £60.90. Please remember that you can pay for dinner money (and uniform and trips) online. If you require a registration code, or further information, please contact the office.

If I don’t see you at one of the up-coming events, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Steve Carr