Daily Archives: April 30, 2015

e-Safety Information – ooVoo

We have been informed by a parent that a number of children are now using OoVoo for their social networking.

OoVoo is a video chat and messaging app, which is available on Apple, Android and Windows platforms.  OoVoo allows users, who must be 13 years old or over, to video chat with up to 12 people at a time; you can see four people at once on screen during these video chats. There are privacy settings available.

OoVoo’s privacy setting advice can be found at:


More advice on privacy settings can be found at:




In February 2015, Warwickshire PCC issued the following:

‘We have been alerted to concerns around the free mobile app ‘ooVoo’ being used indecently to groom, harass or otherwise distress children. We have reason to believe that the app has in some cases been hijacked by those seeking to make indecent approaches to children.

It is essential that parents and schools remain vigilant to this threat, and that any children using the app know how to do so without putting themselves at risk.’

As with all social networks, if you choose to allow your child to use them, please discuss ‘keeping safe’, agree rules, set privacy settings and monitor their use.