Monthly Archives: June 2015

Cleethorpes Rock

Cleethorpes Rock is a Signhills Academy Community Choir, run by Miss Reed. It is open to anyone 16+ years, and is held in the main hall at Signhills Academy every Thursday, 7.00pm-8.30pm.

The last session will be on Thursday 2nd July, and will commence again in September.

Tesco Neighbourhood Food Collection

“Help us feed people in need”

The Neighbourhood Food Collection is an opportunity to help feed people in need across the UK by donating long-life food to charity.

In support of this, Signhills Academy and Signhills Infant Academy will also be holding a collection point in both schools. If you wish to donate any long life food/tins, please send them in with your child or direct to either office, before Thursday 25th June.

Tesco will then work with their two charity partners – FareShare and The Trussell Trust – to ensure that the food gets to people who need it. They’ll also top up your donations by 30%.

For more information, follow this link:

Juniors – Water Bottles

Now that Summer is here, we would like to remind the children that they need to have their water bottles in school. If you would like to purchase a spare/replacement bottle, these can be bought from the main office at a cost of 70p each. Replacement bottle tops can also be purchased at a cost of 20p each.

Summer Fair Programme of Events – Friday 19th June 2015

2.30pm                             Children allowed onto the playground / field to visit the fair.

2.30pm – 3.35pm             Children may leave with an adult when they have finished.

3.35pm                             School closes at normal time – unaccompanied children may leave.

4.00pm                             Fair closes.

Parents are invited to join their children on the playground / field from 2.30p.m. to join in the festivities.  Please note that there will be NO ACCESS through the Chichester Road gate at 2.30pm for security reasons.  Please use the gate on Hardy’s Road (opposite Pearson Road) onto the playground. The Chichester Road gate will be opened at 3.20pm as usual.  If you are meeting your child, it may help to arrange a location and time with them eg. the gate, green container, ‘punch balloons’, ‘crazy sand’…

Children may bring a small amount of money to spend.  Charges for activities are either 50p or £1.

Please send in any prizes for the Lucky Bags or Water to Wine stalls as soon as possible.  Cakes for the cake stall should be sent in on the day of the fair.

Crossing Patrol

Dear Parents and Carers,

As your School Crossing Patrol Officers, over the last year we have had a large number of worrying issues with drivers.  These events seem to happen on a weekly basis now and include drivers speeding, failing to stop, swerving to go around us instead of stopping, stopping on the yellow zigzags and even vehicles hitting the ‘lollipop’.  These cars are often carrying Signhills’ children.

Please remember that the speed limit around the schools is 20mph for a very good reason, and that the parking restrictions help keep you, your children and us safe.  Please also remember that it is the law that drivers must stop for crossing patrols.  Failure to stop for the crossing patrol can lead to prosecution and stopping on the zigzags can lead to a Penalty Charge Notice.

The fear that we feel when children are put in danger with these ‘near misses’ cannot be emphasised enough.  Please respect the work that we do to help keep the children and families of Signhills safe.  Stop for the ‘lollipop’ and tell everyone you know to do the same.

We would like to finish by saying a big thank you to those of you who always stop for us and particularly those parents who have come to check we are all okay when an incident has happened.

Your Crossing Patrols,

Mark and Liz