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Junior Dinner Money – Autumn Term 1

The cost of dinner money for the first half of the Autumn Term will be £77.70. This covers Thursday 3rd September – Friday 23rd October 2015.

Please send dinner money in an envelope and include the following information; Child’s name, Class, Amount enclosed.

Please remember: You can pay for dinners, trips and uniform using our Online Payment System. If you would like more information on how to do this or for log in details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 01472 694811

Email: adminoffice2@signhillsacademy.co.uk  

School Term Dates for 2015/2016


8.55am                 Thursday 3 September school re-opens

3.15pm                 Friday 23 October school closes for half term

8.55am                 Tuesday 3 November school re-opens

3.15pm                 Friday 18 December school closes for Christmas Holiday


8.55am                 Tuesday 5 January school re-opens

3.15pm                 Friday 12 February school closes for half term

8.55am                 Monday 22 February school re-opens

3.15pm                 Thursday 24 March school closes for Easter Holiday


8.55am                 Tuesday 12 April school re-opens

Monday 2 May – May Day Bank Holiday

3.15pm                 Friday 27 May school closes for half term

8.55am                 Tuesday 7 June school re-opens

3.15pm                 Thursday 21 July school closes for Summer Holiday


2015                       Wednesday 2 September

Monday 2 November

2016                       Monday 4 January

Monday 11 April

Monday 6 June