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Year 5 trip to London

Dear Parents,

After receiving high levels of interest, we have now confirmed our booking for the Year 5 trip to London.  For this visit the children will be divided into two groups;

  • Group 1 will go on Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th May 2016
  • Group 2 will go on Sunday 15th to Tuesday 17th May 2016

Both groups will follow an identical programme of activities and will spend equal time in London. The school will allocate the children to their group.

The total cost of the visit is £285 which includes all activities, transport, meals and accommodation. A proposed itinerary for the visit, which may be subject to change, can be found on the reverse of this letter. Academy staff will undertake a pre-visit prior to the residential. Payments can be made throughout the school year with the full balance paid by Friday 1st July.

If you wish your child to take part in this visit, then please collect a letter from myself or the school office and sign and return the slip with a non-refundable deposit of £10.00 before Tuesday 6th October. Please remember you can also make any payments online.   

The trip is being booked through NST Travel, the UK’s leading educational travel company for schools with more than 45 years’ experience. They work closely with us during the whole planning process to ensure that your child will get the best learning experience whilst away.

Yours sincerely

Miss K Gibson

Assistant Headteacher

Parental Survey

Dear Parents and Carers

Once again we are starting a school year with a new Ofsted Inspection Framework.  One of the many changes is a shift in the emphasis on homework.  The Outstanding descriptor makes reference to,

‘…challenging homework, in line with the school’s policy and as appropriate for the age and stage of pupils, that consolidates learning, deepens understanding and prepares pupils very well for work to come.’

 Whilst we believe that the current policy has proved effective for many of our children in engaging them in home-learning, sparking their curiosity and supporting a positive view of self-motivated study, we are undertaking a review in light of the change of emphasis.

As such, we would like to seek your views, which will be used together with those of the pupils and staff, to create a revised policy which meets the demands of the new framework and supports a positive pupil perception of home-learning, without over-burdening families.

To start the process, we would like you to complete a short online questionnaire – details below – about the practicalities and your aspirations for homework, by Tuesday 6 October.

If you have any questions, or have difficulty accessing the survey, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Mr S Carr


To complete the survey paste the link below into your browser (or click it if you’re reading this online).