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The Boy with the Leaking Boot – Heritage Trail

Hello everyone,

I have attached our launch poster of the new trail for your information. Launch poster

The trail questions are aimed mainly for children aged between 7-12 years, but anyone of any age can enter.   Perhaps you have children or grandchildren whom  you would like to join in this fun walk, which takes you from the T.I.C. at Cleethorpes Library, turning right and across , along Alexandra Road and then back along the promenade, spotting Heritage pieces as you walk.  The questionnaire has photo’s to help.

The launch commences at 10am on the 19th March inside the T.I.C. and the first 25 children arriving and dressed similar to the Boy, and completes the walk will receive an Easter Egg plus certificate and medal.

l.  It is not compulsory for the children to dress up if they do not wish to, and all children completing the questionnaire will receive a certificate and medal, on their return to the T.I.C.

Please be aware that the T.I.C. closes at 12 noon on the 19th and so everyone who is dressed up and completes the questionnaire on that date, must have their forms returned before 12 noon., to receive the Easter Egg as a special prize for dressing up

If yourselves/children, can not make the launch date don’t worry, as this trail is on going, and as I said, all children will receive a certificate and medal whatever time of year they complete the walk/questionnaire.

I’m sure everyone will find this trail interesting, amusing, educational and have fun, whilst learning.

We look forward to seeing you and the children on the 19th.

If anyone has any further questions, please email or phone me on 01472 603032.     Please pass this onto all your friends.

Kindest regards,

Ann Reavey,


Friends of Cleethorpes Heritage,

Charity No.1148859