Library Visit

Library Visit

To promote children’s interest in reading, next term each class will visit Cleethorpes Library where they will be provided with an introductory talk about the library. Following this they will be able to have a look around and select a book to take home.

If your child is not currently a member of Cleethorpes Library, and you are happy for them to join, please complete the form attached to the reverse of this letter and return it to your child’s class teacher by Friday 7th October. If your child is not a member of Cleethorpes Library, and the form is not returned, then they will not be able to choose a book to take home from the visit.

After 3 weeks, borrowed books must be returned or renewed. This is parents’ responsibility.

Please find the details of library visits below:

Tuesday 1st November:                                      Friday 4th November


Am: Sharks                                                               Am: Turtles


Am: Sea Lions                                                           Am: Jellyfish


Pm: Barracudas                                                        Pm: Lobsters


Pm: Manta Rays                                                       Pm: Dolphins


Thursday 3rd November                                      Tuesday 15th November


Pm: Sea Horses                                                            Am: Starfish


Pm: Swordfish                                                              Am: Seals