Daily Archives: October 6, 2016

J Rock 2017

In March, Signhills Academy will participate in J Rock (part of Global Rock Challenge), a unique and exciting opportunity involving dance, drama and design. In association with Humberside Police and the Be Your Best Foundation, pupils are invited to join a team to prepare for a performance at Grimsby Auditorium on Thursday 23rd March 2017.

In 2013, the Signhills team made it through to the regional final at the Auditorium and some of you will remember your children being involved. The main aims of J Rock are to provide young people with the opportunity to perform in a professional event, whilst having fun and being encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As the team will begin preparing in November for the event to be held in March, we do require any child who agrees to participate to attend  every rehearsal and show a full commitment. If the team is successful in March, they may be invited to participate in the regional final in the summer term and further commitment would be expected. As a professional dance teacher will be leading the weekly sessions, we require an upfront payment of £50.00 before the October half term in order for your child to take part in the rehearsals. We may ask for fees towards subsequent sessions if required, and also towards the purchase of costumes in future months.