Monthly Archives: June 2017

Year 4 get crafty. 

Year 4 have spent the morning with Nicky Dillerstone, a local artist. They have worked in small groups to make habitats​ for wildlife. The children have created a variety of structures using wire, twine, ribbon and mesh. These will all be used in our wildlife garden along with our bug hotels we are making next week.

Sports Day!


Just a reminder that Sports Day will be on Tuesday 27th June. The event will start at 1:30pm and is intended to be finished by 3:15pm. Parents, friends and relatives are invited to come and join us for the sports and follow their child’s “country” around the various events.

Your child will obviously need their PE kit and if they could wear a top that matches the colour allocated to the country they are representing then it would help the event be more colourful. However, normal PE kit is fine, please ensure the PE top covers their shoulders. The children will be reminded what country they are and the main colour of their team.

Your child will need;

  • A water bottle
  • A sun hat
  • Plenty of sun cream applied

‘Annie’ believable! 

It was a hard-knock life this afternoon for some of the year 2, 3, 4 and 6 pupils of Signhills Academy, Waltham Leas Primary Academy and New Waltham Academy as they put on a performance of the musical ‘Annie’. All of the children were a credit to their schools as they worked collaboratively to put on the spectacular show. The show was deemed a great success with one member of the audience announcing that it was ‘Annie’ believable! See photographs of the children preparing for and performing the show below.

Year 6 Fun Day!

After the hard work of SATS, Year 6 had a scientific morning designing egg protective devices!

In the afternoon we all had fun at the beach- a memorable day for all.