Monthly Archives: July 2017

Our Leaver’s Awards

In no particular order, here are the receivers of our Year 6 awards:

Contribution to the Performing Arts

Head Teacher Award

Achievement in Literacy

Pupil’s Pupil

The Thompson Trophy

Pupils of the Year

Achievement in Numeracy

Academic Progress

The William’s Trophy for Numeracy

Excellent Sportsmanship

Exemplary Attitude

Asset to School Life

Eat Well For Less!

If you would like to take part in the BBC show ‘Eat Well For Less’ please contact:

“The show follows Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace & award winning greengrocer Chris Bavin on a mission to prove that it is possible for families to save money on their food budget without scrimping on taste and nutrition.  They hope that by analysing the shopping habits of UK families, they can help to show where we can source the best and cheapest quality food.”

Signfest 2017

Thankyou to everyone who joined us for our first Signfest. We had over 1300 visitors during the event. We hope you all had as much fun as we did. Particular thanks go to Miss Reed who made the whole thing happen. (Unfortunately, despite the rumours, she has not won the lottery. 😄)