Monthly Archives: October 2017

Cleethorpes Beach Run 2017

We had a great morning on Sunday 8th October at the Cleethorpes annual Beach Run.  42 of our keen runners joined other children from across the region to participate in the event.  The children all ran with determination and showed a great sporting attitude!

Blood Investigation

This afternoon, Year 6 worked in groups to conduct an investigation to see how quickly blood (golden syrup and water) flowed through each blood vessel (artery, vein and capillary) which were represented by straws with different diameters. IMG_0009IMG_0010

Year 3 Science

Turtles class have spent an afternoon taking part in a scientific investigation into moving objects. They have discovered using bricks, string and wooden dowling how Stonehenge was built.

Fun Science!

Year 6 have been exploring the components of blood consisting of red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets – not Cheerios, marshmallows, oats and food colouring (which we used).