Monthly Archives: February 2018

Junior Dinner Consultation

We are considering a change to the way lunches are ordered (and paid for). Chartwells – who provide our school meals – are offering a new online system for ordering school lunches which allows you to order the exact meals that you want your child to eat.

Currently the children can choose their preferred meal at the counter. The decision to change between packed lunches and school dinners can also be made at relatively short-notice. However, the choice of meals can sometimes be reduced for children towards the end of each year-group’s queue.

Under the new system, meals would be pre-ordered via the ‘Meal Selector website’, which is simple to use and is accessable from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Please visit to have a look at the site. There you will also see a useful ‘how to guide’ which demonstrates the process of registering and ordering meals. All payments are securely taken online.

If the system is adopted and you do need support, the customer service teams are never more than a phone call away. Chartwells offer their own customer service telephone number alongside a dedicated technical support line & online chat.

Menus are available to view online & ordering takes just a minute or two. Special days, school term dates & teacher training days are all matched to the website making ordering for a day, a week or an entire term quick & easy for parents.

The biggest change would be that meals would need to be ordered at least a week in advance. This allows Chartwells to gather the information and place food orders to ensure the kitchen can accurately cook what has been ordered. Changes would not be possible once meals are booked.

There are pros and cons to each system; therefore we would appreciate your thoughts on this possible switch. Please feedback via a short online survey – link below.


Boy’s Singing Group

Some year 6 boys have been involved in a ten week singing project with Jacqui and Adam. They practised a collection of songs which they had the opportunity to perform for their families. It was a superb performance. We hope to set up an after school singing group for boys in general in the near future. Watch this space!