Monthly Archives: March 2018

Fund Raising

One of our year 5 pupils, Jazz Newton is raising money for The Little Princess Trust

19 months ago after seeing a Facebook post of one of his girl BMX friend’s haircut and donation to The Little Princess Trust, Jazz decided that he would like to grow his hair long and do the same. At the time we thought he would soon get fed up with it, but he surprised us all. It hasn’t always been easy for him. He has had to put up with being called a girl frequently. This often upset him and made him want to quit and have it cut off, but he stuck with it and his hair is now at a suitable length to donate. He is now asking for everyone to donate to this wonderful charity to help fund the making of many wigs for children that have lost their hair to illnesses such as cancer, Jazz will be having his haircut on the 31st March, and he is hoping to raise £1000 for the charity.

To donate please and search Jazz Newton Haircut.

Dinner Consultation

As you know, we are considering a change to the way lunches are ordered (and paid for). Chartwells – who provide our school meals – are offering a new online system for ordering school lunches which allows you to order the exact meals that you want your child to eat. There are pros and cons to each system; therefore we would appreciate your thoughts on this possible switch. If you wish to participate in the survey, and haven’t already done so, please feedback via the link below before midday tomorrow.