Your Child and the Internet….the bits you might not know

As part of our e-Safety provision, we have arranged for a day of workshops and training, led by Alan McKenzie of ‘e-safety adviser’. The day will comprise of training for staff, workshops for pupils, and an information session – with opportunities to ask questions – for parents and governors. We would therefore like to invite you to a session on Wednesday 5th December at 6.00pm in Signhills Junior Hall.

The session will cover ‘awareness of the child protection risks related to e-safety, tailored to a home environment. This is a 60-minute session for parents and guardians into e-safety issues and risks to children whilst using digital technology. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask for advice and guidance about any related issues.’

Or to put it another way; Alan will talk to you in everyday-language about some of the current trends and risks for children using the internet, be it by tablet, X-Box, PlayStation, Switch, mobile phone… Parents who attended Alan’s sessions in previous years were very positive about the sessions.