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World Book Day 2019

This year we will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 8th March.

Our theme is Witches and Wizards so we would like the children to come dressed as their favourite Witch or Wizard!
Ideas might include The Worst Witch, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, The White Witch and Merlin and there will be a prize for the best costume in each year group.
During the day the children will take part in a carousel of activities across the school for a foster a love of books and reading.
Thank you in advance for your support.

Training Strings


Signhills Academy Old Hall

(please use the main entrance)

Spring term starts:

Wednesday 9th January 4:30 – 5:30pm

Joanne Townell and Joshua England are running the music group for school-age string players from beginner level to Grade 4.

Information about payment (£30 per term)

and other details will be provided when your child starts the sessions.



January Notices

Happy New Year to you all!  Below are some notices relating to the start of the term.  We will continue to use this site and the playground notice boards to share information; I would urge you all to use these to stay up to date.  We will also continue to use paper letters and texts as appropriate.


Parents’ Evening             

This term’s parents’ evenings will take place on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th February.  Your child will bring a letter home to arrange the appointment.


Open Numeracy Lessons

You, or other family members, are invited to work alongside your child in a ‘normal’ numeracy lesson.  Please limit participants to a maximum of two adults per child and do not bring younger siblings.

Year 3                    Monday 21st January                     09:05 – 09:45

Year 5                    Tuesday 22nd January                   09:05 – 09:45

Year 4                    Wednesday 23rd January             09:05 – 09:45

Year 6                    Thursday 24th January                  09:05 – 09:45

Please use the main entrance to attend your child’s open numeracy lesson.


Class Assemblies

The assemblies, which are a brief opportunity for the children to share their learning, will again take place at 2:50pm this term.  A list of the class assembly dates are shown overleaf.  I realise that, for childcare reasons, it is sometimes necessary for younger siblings to come to the assemblies. Could I ask that, to avoid disrupting the assembly, if they become unsettled they are taken into one of the wings / corridors. Please come through the main entrance if you are able to join us.

Tuesday 22nd January 2:50pm Sharks, Mrs Chapman
Tuesday 29th January 2:50pm Turtles, Mrs Hollamby
Tuesday 5th February 2:50pm Dolphins, Miss Farr

Half term

Thursday 7th February 2:50pm Seals, Mrs Douglas
Tuesday 12th February 2:50pm Barracudas, Mrs Moody
Thursday 14th February 2:50pm Lobsters, Mr Scott
Tuesday 26th February 2:50pm Starfish, Mr Funnell
Tuesday 5th March 2:50pm Jellyfish, Miss Hirst
Tuesday 12th March 2:50pm Sea Lions, Miss Smith
Tuesday 19th March 2:50pm Manta Rays, Mrs Ibbotson
Tuesday 26th March 2:50pm Swordfish, Miss Mortimer
Thursday 28th March 2:50pm Sea Horses, Mrs Abbott


Year 5 Production

Year 5 are beginning to turn their minds toward their production – ‘Keymaster’.   There will be 3 performances for adults taking place on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 27th February and the morning of Thursday 28th February.  As we did last year, we will be using the Eventbrite website / app to allocate tickets for the event.  More details will follow in a separate letter for Year 5 parents.


Term Dates

Just to remind you that we break for half-term on Friday 15th of February and the children return on Monday 25th February.  The last day before the Easter break is Friday 5th April.


Enrichment Opportunites

We are continuing to offer children the opportunity to attend sporting and performing arts events around the country.   We are currently arranging visits to the 2018 British Cycling Track Championships in Manchester, ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup in London on Friday 14th June and a Super League Netball match in Manchester on Saturday 27th April.  Eligible children who express an interest will bring letters home nearer the time for each event.  If you are aware of any events that you think would be suitable for us to add to the list, please get in touch.


If you have any questions about any of the above notices, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

An Article from Parent Zone about Screen Time

Screen time is in the news again, but parents are still getting mixed messages about how much is ‘too much’. Here’s how to take a reasonable, flexible approach – and get your kids on board too.

This week, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health released their report into screen time. The good news is that they haven’t found any compelling evidence that screen time is harmful – but unfortunately for the many confused parents out there, there’s no definitive line on what a ‘safe’ amount of screen time looks like, either.

But there are sensible, evidence-based ways to think about screen time limits – and, by getting your kids involved, you can find a solution that really works for your family.

Here’s where to start.

1.  Remember that not all screen time is the same

Not all online activities are equal: doing something creative or learning new skills are very different from mindless scrolling on social media. Being online might be allowing them to socialise in a positive way – or maybe they’re just doing something that they really, really enjoy. If there are real benefits, then the amount of time they spend doing it becomes important.

You know your child better than anyone: as long as screen time isn’t interfering with schoolwork or other activities, and isn’t having a noticeable effect on their mood, then try not to obsess over the numbers -there’s probably no need to panic.

2. How long should kids spend online per day?

That said, most parents will want to set some kind of limit. The ‘Goldilocks theory’ put forward by academics from Oxford and Cardiff universities suggests that a certain level of screen time can be beneficial, helping children develop their creativity and build their communication skills.  Around 1 to 2 hours daily during the week and a bit longer at the weekends is considered ‘just right’ for teens – after that the benefits gradually taper off, and the negative effects increase. Younger children, aged 4-7 years old, should probably spend no more than an hour a day online – this can go up to around an hour and a half as they get older.

3. Boundaries really do work if you stick to them

The important thing is to get your child involved in the process so that they understand why you’re setting limits. Be very clear about your reasons and ask them what they think – getting buy-in at this stage will really help to avoid arguments later on. Remember that teens might need to spend longer online to complete their homework.

Once you’ve agreed the limits, stick to them! It’s always tempting to give up in the face of pester power or teenage sulks, but it will get easier every time you stick to your guns. Honestly.

4. Look out for signs that screen time is having a negative effect

Keep an eye on how your child’s screen time may be affecting other areas of their life. If they’re spending time with friends and getting enough sleep and exercise, then it’s likely that they already have a healthy balance. Talk to your child about what they’re doing online and get them to think about how it makes them feel when they spend time doing these things. You never know, they may actually agree that staying up late gaming is making them too tired for school the next day, or admit that constant scrolling through social media is starting to affect their self-esteem.

5.  Have quality family screen time together

Although it is good to set aside time when the family is not using screens – outdoor activities, chats at meal times, day trips at the weekend –  this doesn’t mean that you can’t also get involved in using screens together. If you know that your child enjoys playing games online, organise a family gaming night or let them plan something for the whole family to get stuck into. If you take a real interest in what they like to do online – whether it’s the influencers that they rate, or the latest downloadable content (DLC) on their go-to game, they’re more likely to come to you if something goes wrong, or they make a mistake along the way.

Year 3 Hero Day!

Today we started our new topic ‘Heroes and Villains’. We dressed up as someone who, in our eyes, is a hero. We wrote speeches and discussed together why we chose our hero and had some fun, heated debates! We can’t wait to start our new topic.