e-Safety Concern : Momo

Some of you may have heard reports about the ‘Momo Challenge’ which has been in the news locally and across the UK over the half term break. Today a number of children in Year Two have been overheard talking about it and some children have spoken to their teachers about being frightened by it.

The Momo Challenge is a ‘game’ based on WhatsApp that will send people messages telling them to do things (challenges) ‘else something bad will happen’ to their families or to themselves. The challenges are harmful and manipulative. The profile picture associated with it could be quite scary for some children, even without being drawn into the game. There are reports of pop-ups for Momo appearing on websites targeted at children and also within children’s YouTube videos. There is a report on the Lincolnshire Live website (link below).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact school.